Washington County Courthouse


3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Nonconsensual and use of Force or Coercion
  • Maximum Penalty:  15 years Imprisonment

5th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Nonconsensual Sexual Contact
  • Maximum Penalty: Up to One year imprisonment

Jury Verdict:

Not Guilty 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Not Guilty 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct


Our client was accused of rape during a first date with the complaining witness (Complainant).  Client and Complainant met three weeks earlier on a dating app called Clover.  Over the course of several weeks they would speak to one another daily through text message and phone calls.  They eventually decided to meet and go on a first date.  They discussed going to Chili’s for lunch and then they would go back to Client’s house to build a pillow fort and play cribbage.  Client and Complainant climbed into the pillow fort where they cuddled, kissed and eventually had sex, followed by playing two games of cribbage.  Several hours after the date Complainant accused Client of rape.

The trial lasted 3 days and primarily came down to the believability of the only two witnesses, Client and Complainant.  Attorney Patrick Cotter was able to effectively use their text message history as well as several key pieces of scientific evidence to support our client’s side of the story and to highlight the inconsistencies in Complainant’s accusations.  At the end of the trial, after approximately 90 minutes of deliberation, the 12-person jury returned a unanimous verdict of “not guilty” to both charges against Client.

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