Aug 08/25/2021

Gun Violence & Straw Purchasing

2022-10-17T21:23:06+00:00August 25, 2021|Criminal Defense, Federal Crimes, Federal Crimes Defense, Gun Rights, Minnesota Law News, Violent Crimes|

Minneapolis is seeing a rapid increase in violent crimes involving firearms.  For example, 553 people were injured or killed by gunfire in Minneapolis in 2020, the most in 15 years.  Where are these guns coming from?  One method is through a scheme called "straw purchasing."  Straw purchasing is when a customer purchases a gun on [...]

Aug 08/05/2021

Re-Selection to The National Trial Lawyers Top 100

2022-08-26T14:16:36+00:00August 5, 2021|national-trial-lawyers|

Tom Sieben, Patrick Cotter, Re-Selected to The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 The National Trial Lawyers is pleased to announce that Thomas Sieben and Patrick Cotter of Sieben & Cotter, PLLC in South Saint Paul have been re-selected as Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers in MN again in 2021. This is Tom Sieben’s eighth [...]

Aug 08/03/2021

Civil Liability of Bar Owners

2022-10-17T21:24:10+00:00August 3, 2021|Personal Injury|

Like all business owners, establishments that serve alcohol owe their guests a level of reasonable care in operating their business.  If you’ve been injured while a guest at bar, you may have a viable personal injury suit.  There are three common legal principles your lawyer may utilize: Premises Liability (Innkeeper Liability), Dram Shop Act, and [...]

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