Domestic Assault, Abuse

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Has a partner or spouse accused you of domestic violence? Have you been issued a restraining order? Do you face charges of physical or emotional abuse in your household? If so, it is important that you gain the legal counsel of someone who can help you protect your rights.

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Domestic abuse can take many forms

We provide legal counsel in the following types of charges:

Spousal and child abuse charges

Domestic abuse charges can include spousal abuse charges, but may also include abuse of children, whether physical, sexual, or emotional. One may even face spousal abuse and child abuse at the same time. We have the resources to provide criminal defense in both types of cases.

Sexual abuse of a child is a very serious charge—perhaps one of the most difficult and emotional charges a person can face. No one should have to do so without the legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. We have successfully defended charges of physical abuse, improper touching, rape of a minor and other types of child abuse, and we can help you in your legal battle and minimize the intense emotion and negative outcomes. If you have been charged with sexual child abuse, not all hope is lost. We build strong cases on the following defense strategies:

  • Improper interviewing of a minor
  • Coaching of an alleged victim
  • Falsely planted memories
  • Alternate explanations for apparent abuse

Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic assault involves the same or similar conduct as the other forms of assault under Minnesota law, but only differs from those offenses because it only applies to certain family or household members. These members include spouses, former spouses, parents and children, people related by blood, people who live together or have lived together, people who have dated, people who have children together, and pregnant women and the alleged fathers of their children. Usually domestic assault offenses carry higher severity levels, than the same or similar conduct not involving a family or household member.
No, only the prosecutor can dismiss the charges. They can provide their input to the prosecutor and the court about whether the charges should go forward, but your spouse/partner does not control whether the charges are dismissed.
No! No contact orders are one-sided and inflexible. It doesn’t matter if the person says its okay to see or speak to them. Once the order is issued, it can only be changed by a judge. While the order is in effect, if the two of you have contact, no matter who initiates it, the only person who faces consequences is you.

You deserve an experienced attorney

No matter what type of charges you face, you deserve committed legal support from an attorney who understands domestic abuse laws. We will thoroughly research the evidence, explore all possible defense strategies, and build a case based on the facts. Whether you face state or federal charges, we can help you navigate the legal system. We will listen to your story and provide a comprehensive consultation at no charge.

This is likely one of the most stressful times in your life—you need reliable legal representation from a criminal defense attorney with experience.

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