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Gun Rights: If you have lost your right to possess a firearm, it is possible to regain that right. The proper procedure must be followed. It is important to demonstrate why you should be entitled to possess a a firearm and do not pose a threat to others.

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Criminal convictions can result in the loss of your right to possess a firearm in Minnesota.  The law is complicated and intricate regarding what criminal convictions deprive a person of their right to possess a firearm. The penalties are severe for people who are convicted of possessing a firearm after they have been declared ineligible.

Tom Sieben is a lifelong hunter and shooting activist. Tom grew up hunting and shooting with his family and friends. He knows that guns can be used for fun and positive activities. Tom also knows how an individual can make a mistake or bad choice in life and go on to redeem themselves. We should not allow a bad choice or mistake to permanently deprive an otherwise good person of the right to hunt and shoot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minnesota courts have not provided an exact definition of “good cause”. However, we have had success with the court restoring firearm rights based on any of the following: (1) needing a firearm for employment purposes; (2) Personal security; (3) “In proximity” (family members own guns, activities related to guns, or live on a military base); (4) there is no reason to believe that you cannot be trusted to own a firearm; or (5) needing a firearm for hunting.
The firearm rights restoration process in Minnesota can take from seven to eight months, depending on your particular circumstances, the court’s workload at the time of your petition, and whether there are any objections from the government.
A crime of violence includes any conviction for: murder; aiding suicide; 1st-4th-degree assault; crimes for the benefit of a gang; robber; kidnapping; false imprisonment; prostitution; 1st-4th-degree criminal sexual conduct; malicious punishment, endangerment or neglect of a child; 1st-2nd-degree arson; 1st-3rd-degree burglary; drive by shooting; riot; terroristic threats; and stalking. Also, including all felony drug offenses and theft of a firearm or vehicle.

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