Charges Dismissed: Clients’ Rights to Speedy Trial

Charges dismissed because of violation of clients’ rights to a speedy trial Attorneys Tom Sieben and Alex Hertogs recently obtained the complete dismissal of charges by arguing that their clients’ right to a speedy trial had been violated based on Doggett v. United States. In one case, Tom Sieben’s client [...]

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Harassment Restraining Orders

Harassment Restraining Orders in Minnesota Learn what action to take if a harassment restraining order is issued against you. Public record of an HRO can create unwanted challenges in finding work or housing, so it's important to act quickly. I have been served with a harassment restraining order, [...]

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MACDL President’s Column

Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers President's Column Patrick Cotter, MACDL President I have had the privilege of serving as your MACDL President this past year.  Thank you for the honor to represent this remarkable group of professionals. During this past year, while the world around us continued to evolve [...]

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Should I take a plea deal?

Should I take a plea deal? What are the potential benefits and disadvantages of taking a plea deal versus going to trial? Important: This is not meant to tell you what to do in your specific case. Each case is different and requires an experienced criminal defense lawyer’s advice before [...]

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What if the prosecutor only has one witness?

Is one eyewitness enough to prove that you’re guilty of a crime? However unfair as it may seem; the prosecutor can file charges against you even if they only have one eyewitness to support the charges. In domestic assault and criminal sexual conduct cases, often the only eyewitness the prosecutor [...]

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Dual Threat Trial Lawyer

Dual Threat Trial Lawyer Attorneys with both criminal and civil personal injury trial expertise are becoming less common The practice of law continues to become more and more specialized. The art of a litigating a trial before a jury continues to diminish, particularly in civil cases where the number of [...]

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The Lesser Crime

The Lesser Crime The American Criminal Justice System places immense power in the hands of the prosecutor. Clients often ask, “doesn’t the judge decide my case?” More often than not, the answer is no. A Judge’s power in a criminal case is more limited than the power of the prosecutor. [...]

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Assault in the First Degree

Assault in the First Degree is a serious felony level charge. If someone is found guilty of Assault in the First Degree, they could face up to 30 years in prison and could be required to pay up to a $40,000 fine. An individual could also face a mandatory minimum [...]

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Sieben & Cotter Recognized: 2023 US News Best Law Firms

Sieben & Cotter, PLLC recognized in the 2023 Edition of U.S. News – Best Lawyers® "Best Law Firms" Sieben & Cotter, PLLC is pleased to announce the firm’s inclusion in the 2023 U.S. News Best Lawyers rankings among “Best Law Firms” Criminal Defense: General Practice for Minneapolis, MN. U.S. News “Best Law Firms” rankings recognizes [...]

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Welcome New Attorney Alex Hertogs

We are pleased to announce that attorney Alex Hertogs has joined Sieben & Cotter Law Office as an associate attorney. Alex graduated from Mitchell Hamline Law School, magna cum laude. During law school, Alex worked at a criminal defense law firm and for the Tenth District Public Defender’s Office.  After law school, he worked [...]

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Assault in the 2nd Degree

Assault in the Second Degree is a serious felony level charge. If someone is found guilty of Assault in the Second Degree, they could face up to ten years in prison and could be required to pay up to a $20,000 fine. There are two ways someone can be found [...]

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Assault in the 3rd Degree

Assault in the Third Degree is a serious felony level charge. If someone is found guilty of Assault in the Third Degree, they could face up to five years in prison and could be required to pay up to a $10,000 fine. There are three ways someone can be found [...]

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I Just Received a Target Letter

In this multi-part series, we will examine and provide a general overview of criminal legal processes, as well as key pieces of evidence.  This article highlights a common way to discover that you are under a criminal investigation, prior to being arrested and brought to jail.  This process is common [...]

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