Defense of Arson Charges

If you are questioned about a fire, call an attorney.

When police, fire and insurance investigators suspect arson, they will question anyone who they believe might have any reason to have started the fire. They are looking for a suspect, someone to blame, someone to arrest.

An arson charge has serious consequences. If the fire destroyed property you owned, you are no doubt worried about your losses. If someone was injured or killed in the fire, the concern and confusion are especially devastating. This is not a good time to be answering questions. You could easily say something that will be taken the wrong way or make a mistake that will draw suspicion – especially from investigators looking for an arsonist.

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Arson charges can begin as a fire or insurance investigation

You may think you are answering questions for a fire loss claim, but the investigators may have a different purpose. Make sure you have an advocate in your corner, a lawyer who will make sure all questions are asked and answered properly.

From Patrick Cotter: “When I was in law school, my family suffered a terrible fire loss. In a state of confusion and grief, we noticed we were being asked questions that had nothing to do with property loss. It was a difficult experience, but I learned the importance of having a lawyer.”

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At Sieben & Cotter, we will immediately take action to protect your rights if you are being questioned about a fire. Do not answer questions without an advocate. If you are charged with arson, we will investigate the facts with our own team of professionals.

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