Gas and Explosion Insurance Claims

Gas explosion? Propane tank explosion? Burn injuries? Call an attorney.

Propane tanks, gas lines and gas appliances need to be installed and maintained properly. A failure can cause an explosion that destroys property and, even worse, cause extensive and painful burn injuries.

If you or a family member has been the victim of a gas explosion, make sure you have an experienced lawyer to help you through the insurance claims process. At Sieben & Cotter, we have the knowledge, experience and commitment to make sure you are treated fairly.

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There may be one insurance company involved or several, depending on the accident. It will be our job to find all the responsible parties, talk with their insurance companies, and assure that you receive the compensation you need to get through this crisis. Insurance investigators ask a lot of questions. Their goal is to find a reason to deny a claim, minimize a claim, blame someone other than their policy holder, or actually blame you for what happened.

How did the gas explosion happen? They may keep pressing for details even though they know you are not an expert on gas explosions.

  • What property was damaged or lost? What was it worth? Can you prove that?
  • Who suffered burn injuries? How bad were they? Was it the burn victim’s fault?
  • Was the explosion caused by a faulty propane tank or by improper filling of the tank?
  • Was the gas line broken by digging? Was it properly installed or marked?

You need an attorney to represent you—especially when the questions go on too long and seem directed toward not paying the claim.

Burn injuries require a lot of medical attention and result in a lot of pain.

If you or someone else suffered burn injuries, there is an even greater need for compensation. Permanent injuries, multiple surgeries and time away from work all cost money and deserve compensation.

Make sure your rights are respected.
Call an experienced attorney.

At Sieben & Cotter, we spend time with our clients, getting to know and understand all of their losses in an accident. In a gas explosion, those losses are considerable, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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