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Federal Crimes: If you face criminal prosecution at the federal level, you may feel hopeless and overwhelmed. The legal system can be daunting—it may be hard to determine your rights. We’ll help you get the legal defense you need.

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Our law office can provide the professional legal representation you need to prepare the best defense against federal prosecution. We have the resources to defend clients who have been charged with the following:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jurisdiction refers to a courts authority to hear and decide a case. Minnesota state courts have general jurisdiction to hear all cases that are in violation of the Minnesota Constitution, and any state laws as long as the violation happened within the state. Federal courts have limited jurisdiction to hear cases involving violations of the U.S. Constitution, and federal laws. Most criminal cases involve violations of state law and will be heard in state court.
Yes it is possible. The dual sovereignty doctrine provides that “when a defendant in a single act violates the ‘peace and dignity’ of two sovereigns by breaking the laws of each, he has committed two distinct ‘offenses’ for double jeopardy purposes.” This means that if your conduct violated both state and federal laws you can be charged and convicted in both, or you can be acquitted in one court, and later tried and convicted in another. Double jeopardy only prevents the same court for prosecuting you twice for the same conduct.
No. Federal courts sentence according to federal sentencing guidelines. Minnesota is somewhat unique in that we have created our own set of sentencing guidelines for our state courts. These guidelines are not mandatory, but they advise judges on a recommended sentence range based upon the specific circumstances of your offense. They take into account the specific offense, your conduct, and the victim(s), along with many other circumstances that could warrant a more or less severe sentence. Minnesota’s guidelines and the federal guidelines are very different however. The offenses themselves are very different in state versus federal court. In addition, federal courts tend to impose more severe sentences for first time offenders. This is especially true in Minnesota because we are a state that tends to favor probation over incarceration for a first time offense.

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