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Patrick Cotter, Attorney MN

Car and Truck Accidents

$1.44 million settlement – Driver and his passenger father in law suffer mild traumatic brain injuries in a T-bone style car collision
$900,000 settlement for woman who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in T-bone accident
$600,000 policy limits settlement for husband and wife seriously hurt in T-bone accident
$400,000 settlement for a young man who suffered a broken femur, requiring a rod to be place in
his leg as a result of a semi-truck accident
$210,000 settlement for man who required shoulder surgery after a car accident
$200,000 policy limits of both liability and underinsured motorist insurance coverage for a man who suffered a broken clavicle and mild TBI in a motorcycle accident
$120,000 policy limits settlement for a man who suffered an arm injury that required multiple surgeries he sustained in a car accident
$107,000 policy limits from four separate insurance policies secured for two truck driver who suffered multiple injuries when he was struck by oncoming traffic on I-94 while attempting to hook up a stalled vehicle
$107,500 — settlement for a woman who suffered neck and back injury that required therapy for nearly six years after a car accident
106,112.55Jury Verdict/$75,000 post trial settlement for a man who suffered a mild TBI and soft tissue injury to his neck in a car accident. The insurance company refused to recognize his injury and never offered more than $9,500.
$100,000 — policy limits settlement for a man who suffered a fractured hip when the jeep he was riding in attempted to avoid a deer on a hunting trail in the woods
$100,000 — settlement for a pedestrian who suffered a broken wrist after she was struck by a bicyclist passing by a bus stop.
$100,000 — policy limits settlement secured from a young woman who suffered a concussion, facial fracture and lacerations to her leg when the vehicle she was riding as a passenger veered of the road and hit a tree.
$100,000 — policy limits settlement for a man who suffered a fractured hip when he was attempting to get out of the passenger side of a vehicle that pulled away and trapped him under the passenger side door.

Premises Liability Accidents

$255,438 Jury Verdict for a woman who suffered a Lis Franc foot injury stepping into a hole on her landlord’s property.
$194,000 settlement for woman who suffered second degree burns on both her thighs from a campfire at a cabin

Wrongful Death

Confidential Settlement — a man who lost his life in a propane gas explosion at a construction site
Confidential Settlement — a man who committed suicide while he as a patient in a psychiatric care facility
$150,000 policy limits settlement from the only two insurance policies for woman who lost her life when a vehicle she was riding as a passenger was hit head on in Montana

Fire Loss

Confidential Settlement — Our client’s bar and grill burned to the ground resulting in a total loss of the business. After an extensive investigation the insurer denied the claim for the loss of the building, its contents and income, claiming that our client or her employees had engaged in arson and fraud. We commenced suit in federal district court and after intense litigation we settled the matter favorably for our client on confidential basis.

$72,500 Settlement — Our client’s home was significantly damaged due to a fire originating in his living room. The cause of the fire was undetermined, but was likely caused from incent candles or a cigar that were left burning. We were able to secure a settlement from his insurance policy in an amount equal to the repair estimate.

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