Drunk Driving Injury?

Fair and just compensation: personal injury and alcohol related injury and death

Drunk drivers rarely take evasive action, and that fact makes the accidents they cause so much more devastating than other accidents. Injuries are often serious. Wrongful death is far too common. The driver who chose to drink and drive is at fault, but there may not be enough insurance to cover the damage the drunk driver caused. In many drunk driving accident cases, there is another avenue for compensation—dram shop liability. The dram shop is the bar, restaurant or other entity that knowingly served alcohol to a driver who was under age or obviously impaired.

As personal injury lawyers, we know how to investigate potential dram shop liability and hold the bar or restaurant accountable for their actions.

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Dram shop liability, drunk driving accident injuries

  • Our law office knows how to locate and preserve evidence in drunk driving cases
  • Our investigator will work right alongside law enforcement to preserve videos, reports and witness statements, and we will do our own investigation
  • We know how to deconstruct and then reconstruct accidents for a complete picture of what happened
  • We will listen closely to the injured person and family and friends to learn the full impact of the life of the victim and of those close to the victim

The importance of hiring an experienced trial lawyer

At Sieben & Cotter, our experience as criminal attorneys has given use the expertise and knowledge to investigate a drunk driving accident, gather evidence as to all the causes, and talk to a jury about the devastating consequences. As experienced trial lawyers, we work in a courtroom dealing with witnesses, facts and evidence. We know how to tell the story of your accident and your recovery, and we know how to persuade a jury to do what is right.

Our goal is always fair and just compensation for our clients

In a drunk driving accident, personal injury compensation can be difficult. At Sieben & Cotter, we will look at every option. Contact us for a free consultation. There is no charge for a personal injury case until we make a recovery for you.

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