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Product Liability Attorneys

Injured by a dangerous or defective product?

Product liability is an area of law that holds product manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers accountable for injuries suffered from an unsafe product. Defective or dangerous products are the cause of thousands of serious injuries every year including broken bones, burns, spine injuries, head injury, brain trauma and even wrongful death.

Manufacturers have an obligation to design and make safe products for their consumers to use. They also have a duty to alert consumers of any potential problems related to their product such as product defects and product recalls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of product liability cases?2018-04-06T18:27:38+00:00

There are generally three categories of product liability lawsuits:

  1.  Design Defect.  A defect in the product’s design made it unreasonably dangerous to the consumer when used as intended.
  2. Manufacturing Defect.  A product’s defect (making it unreasonably dangerous) was caused by the way it was manufactured, assembled, inspected, packaged, or tested.
  3. Failure to Warn.  A manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings/instructions for its product when used the way it was intended or in a way that it could foreseeably be used.
What if the product is old?2018-04-06T18:08:18+00:00

Just because the product is old does not necessarily bar your claim against a manufacturer.  The courts use the term “useful life, ” referring to the period where, with reasonable safety, the product should be useful to the user.  Whether or not a product’s useful life has expired is a question for a jury to determine.

What do I need to prove in a Product Liability Case?2018-04-06T17:53:51+00:00

There are three basic elements in a product liability case: First, the product must have been in a defective condition unreasonably dangerous for its intended use; Second, the defect must have existed when the product left the manufacturer’s control; and Third, the defect must have been the proximate cause of the injury – meaning the defect in the product was sufficiently related to the injury where the court can deem it the legal cause.

What does product liability mean?2018-04-06T16:55:23+00:00

Product liability refers to the liability of all parties that are a part of the chain of manufacturers or distributors for damages or injuries caused by their products.  These parties have a duty to consumers to adequately and safely design and manufacture (provide quality control) their products, as well as to provide proper instructions and warnings for their products.

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