Spreigl Evidence: The Basics

So you're charged with a crime and are gearing up for a jury trial.  Do you have a criminal past? Did you know that the government may be able to use evidence of your criminal past against you?  In Minnesota this is commonly referred to as Spreigl Evidence, found under Minnesota Rule of Evidence 404. What is Spreigl Evidence? In short, Spreigl Evidence is evidence of other crimes or bad acts, other than those related to the current case.  Rule 404 generally states that evidence of a defendant's prior crimes or bad acts cannot be used to suggest that he/she [...]

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Ask the Attorneys: As criminal defense attorneys, there are some questions we hear more frequently. We've created a Criminal Defense FAQ page to address some of these more common questions. Do you have a general question about DWI, police searches, being charged with a crime, criminal procedure, or whether you may need an attorney? Check our FAQ here... We also welcome your questions by phone: give us a call at 651-455-1555.

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