Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Sexual Conduct Conviction

Charged with a Criminal Sexual Conduct Crime (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) Degree? Wondering what the consequences would be aside from a Felony on your Record and registering as a Predatory Offender?

According to the American Bar Association there are over 38,000 different collateral consequences that can affect you for a long time after you serve your sentence. Collateral Consequences are not those that are triggered within the courts when they determining punishment or sentencing. Instead, these are the consequences that impact your ability to engage politically, economically, and socially upon your reentry into society.

Collateral consequences include the barriers to housing, employment, education, and ability to receive public benefits. Not to mention your ability to possess a firearm. Predatory Offender Registration requires you to stay registered for at least a ten-year period. The consequences that come with this registration is the notification of the community that you live in, and the inability to work within a 1,000 foot radius of any school, while registered. In addition, employers and housing lenders/landlords can see your conviction on your record. This can substantially limit your opportunities to find a good home, and meaningful employment.

Much of the time, Criminal Sexual Conduct allegations are based on weak or expiring evidence. It is important to find an experienced attorney who understands how to fight these types of allegations and charges. Pleading to a lesser offense, or an acquittal of the charges can mean all the difference between suffering from the above-listed collateral consequences, and moving on with your life in a meaningful way.  Please call us today if you, a family member or a friend are being asked to answer questions about a false accusation of sexual misconduct of any kind.  It will make all the difference!

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