Aug 08/14/2018

Criminal Sexual Conduct Includes Online “Presence”

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Daniel Decker was convicted of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and indecent exposure for sending a picture of his genitals to a minor via Facebook Messenger.  In relevant part, fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct requires: The defendant engaged in lewd exhibition of the genitals. The defendant's act took place in the presence of a Minor. The defendant [...]

Jun 06/01/2018

Six-Month Review: Sexual Assault Case Victories

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The attorneys at Sieben & Cotter have been hard at work defending clients charged with sexual assault and related offenses.  Over the last several months our firm has achieved favorable results for our clients, with many more still pending at various stages in the criminal justice system.  Below are six recent cases ranging from an [...]

Nov 11/29/2017

Reports of Sexual Misconduct Are Making Headlines – When Does the Conduct Become Criminal

2022-08-26T14:16:43+00:00November 29, 2017|Criminal Sexual Conduct, Sex Crimes|

Sexual Misconduct in the News If you’ve watched the news in the last few months then you’ve heard about a celebrity accused of sexual misconduct.  The recent fallout began with accusations against Harvey Weinstein (Hollywood Producer) and most recently against Matt Lauer (NBC News Anchor). Other celebrity figures include Kevin Spacey (Actor), Louis C.K. [...]

Oct 10/04/2017

Sieben & Cotter Criminal Defense: We Get the Job Done!

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What level of service can you expect from us as your criminal defense attorneys? First and foremost, WE GET THE JOB DONE!  Practically speaking that could mean winning your case outright (i.e. acquittal or dismissal of charges) or securing the best possible outcome for you.  As a criminal defense law firm our mission is [...]

Apr 04/24/2017

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney In Minnesota

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A Thorough Defense Investigation is Critical Most of the time when someone is charged with this type of crime "consent" is a central issue.  Often times there is very little evidence involved, and a victim's allegation alone, without corroboration, is enough to charge you.  Further, law enforcements' investigations never tell the full and complete story.  The Government [...]

Mar 03/09/2017

Who Can Consent to Sex?

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What is the Age of Consent in Minnesota? While the question is simple, the answer is a bit more complicated.  Generally, a person must be at least 16-years old to consent to sex in Minnesota.  However, there are a number of factors that could raise the age to 18-years —described below.  The only certainty is that [...]

Jan 01/10/2017