Top 10 Reasons to Call an Attorney

Do you have a problem that may be a legal issue? Are you unsure whether your issue requires an attorney’s assistance? You may be worried about the cost, or what you might hear when your case is reviewed. Consulting with an attorney immediately can save you money, relieve stress, and resolve your issues more quickly.

Here are the top reasons to speak with a lawyer immediately:

  1. Finding the lawyer that’s right for you may take time.
    It is important that you find a lawyer who is qualified, and who you trust to act on your behalf. You need to find the right lawyer who practices in the area of law that you need. Not all issues require an attorney; you will get the advice you need by sitting down and speaking with an attorney about the details of your issue.
  2. A criminal conviction could prevent you from getting your dream job.
    A conviction can keep you from getting the job that you desire, and can be embarrassing to share with friends and family. Hiring a criminal lawyer could result in a dismissal of charges, or a reduction to a less severe charge.
  3. Courts have strict deadlines.
    The statute of limitations varies case by case. Criminal cases have strict deadline and procedure requirements. Missing a deadline could cost you an otherwise successful case.
  4. An experienced attorney can examine the strength of the prosecution’s evidence.
    Most people don’t realize the holes or possible exaggeration in the prosecution’s case. A skilled criminal defense attorney is able to recognize the weak points in the prosecution’s argument, and find the necessary rebuttal evidence.
  5. Delay could destroy helpful evidence for your case.
    Delay in speaking with an attorney could result in the loss of evidence needed to prove your case. Evidence may get lost, witnesses can disappear, and memories will weaken over time. Acting quickly with a strong case is important.
  6. Attorneys need time to evaluate and handle your case.
    Most cases are not as simple as they may appear. Waiting until the last minute could result in an attorney refusing the case due to lack of time to prepare. Getting out in front of your issue and planning ahead will help you in the long run.
  7. You may need to evaluate your finances, and save for an attorney.
    It is important that when you find the right attorney for your case, you can afford the cost. Most people do not have the financial reserves to afford an attorney right away, so you may need time to save. It is important to think about how you can afford an attorney in advance.
  8. Give yourself time to weigh your options.
    Attorneys can give you advice, but how to act is always your decision. You will be faced with important decisions. Talk with those whose opinions you value. Weigh your options and make the right decision for you.
  9. Attorneys can assist you in decreasing your penalties.
    You may believe that your case is not that serious, but even offenses like DWI, theft, and marijuana possession, come with strict consequences and that could mean jail time. Experienced criminal defense attorneys have handled many cases similar to yours. They know how to protect your freedom.
  10. Attorneys can assist you in obtaining an alternative sentence.
    For some crimes in Minnesota, the State offers alternative sentences, like diversionary programs. These programs can keep you out of jail, so that you can work and support your family. A criminal defense attorney knows what programs are available to you, and can help negotiate a plea deal or a decreased charge.

Attorneys Tom Sieben and Patrick Cotter have years of experience navigating Minnesota’s legal system and have successfully defended countless criminal cases.  If you want skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys on your side, call the Sieben & Cotter Law Office at 651-455-1555 for your free initial consultation.