If I Lost My Home or Business Due to a Fire, Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

Dealing with the loss of your home or business due to fire and smoke can be devastating. But even worse than dealing with the loss of your personal belongings can be dealing with the insurance company.

Insurance companies say that they are on your side, but they are always looking for ways to deny or limit your claims, or worse! They may accuse you of fraud or arson, and they will give any “evidence” they have to law enforcement.

If the insurance companies are questioning your honesty, asking you to sign a document or asking you to give a deposition under oath, make sure you are represented by a fire loss lawyer who will protect your rights.

  • Are they questioning how much your property was worth?
  • Are they asking for proof of the contents, and what they were worth?
  • Have they asked questions about your financial situation? Are they requesting years of data about your finances?
  • Are they asking where you were when the fire started?
  • Are they questioning other people about you and the contents of your home or business?

Take it from Patrick Cotter, who has personally experienced fire loss: “My siblings and I suffered the loss of our family home in a fire. I know how it feels to lose so much – and I know what it’s like when the insurance company questions those losses. If you have suffered a fire loss, I want to help. The insurance company investigator is not on your side. At Sieben & Cotter, we will be.”

Questions? Need help? Please do not hesitate to call. Fire loss, fire damage and smoke damage are devastating. You do not have to deal with the insurance company, their investigators and lawyers alone. We are prepared to offer you experienced counsel. Attorneys Tom Sieben and Patrick Cotter have years of experience navigating Minnesota’s legal system and fire loss.

If you want skilled and experienced fire loss attorneys on your side, call the Sieben & Cotter Law Office at 651-455-1555 for your free consultation.