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Minnesota Sees Uptick in Domestic Assault Related Calls After “Stay at Home” Ordered

Fox 9:  During the First "Stay at Home" Weekend - Two-Thirds of Police Calls Were Domestic Assault Related Earlier this week, Fox 9 News reported that, according to Governor Walz, two-thirds of all police calls over the first weekend of the "stay at home" order were for domestic assault or domestic-violence related incidents.  Fox 9 suggested that the uptick in Domestic Assault calls was attributable to heightened stress levels in Minnesota households.  These heightened stress levels are likely due to recent job loss, major life changes, and isolation with family or partners that a person is not used to [...]

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Aggravated Assault: The Basics

What is an Assault? The basic definition of an assault is that you either: (1) touched someone with the intent to cause them "bodily harm" (physical harm) or fear of  bodily harm; or (2)committed an act with the intent to cause fear of bodily harm.  Importantly, no actual contact between the actor and the victim is necessary to prove an assault.  This is commonly referred to as "simple assault." Aggravated Assault While even a simple assault is serious, an aggravated assault is among the most severely punished offenses in Minnesota.  There are a number [...]

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Sieben & Cotter Criminal Defense: We Get the Job Done!

What level of service can you expect from us as your criminal defense attorneys? First and foremost, WE GET THE JOB DONE!  Practically speaking that could mean winning your case outright (i.e. acquittal or dismissal of charges) or securing the best possible outcome for you.  As a criminal defense law firm our mission is to achieve excellent results through honest and aggressive representation. Winning your Case This is our primary focus at the beginning of each and every case.  We start by gathering all of the government's evidence against you.  Then, we carefully review each piece of evidence — [...]

Charged with 2nd Degree Assault in MN?

So You Have Been Charged with 2nd Degree Assault: What Does It Mean and What Are Your Next Steps What Does 2nd Degree Assault Mean? Second Degree Assault is a felony-level offense defined under Minnesota Statute Section 609.222. The maximum prison time that you face (7-10 years) depends on the level of harm caused to the victim. Both subdivisions are defined below: Subdivision 1. Dangerous weapon.Whoever assaults another with a dangerous weapon may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than seven years or to payment of a fine of not more than $14,000, or both. Subdivision 2. Dangerous weapon; [...]

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Two Ways to Commit Assault In Minnesota

Two Ways to Commit Assault In Minnesota Did you know that you can be convicted of Assault in Minnesota without ever making physical contact or causing harm to another? It’s true! There are two forms of assault under Minnesota law. The first is “the intentional infliction of or attempt to inflict bodily harm upon another.” This is often referred to as Assault-Harm. The second is “an act done intent to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm or death.” This is referred to Assault-Fear. Find them at: Minnesota Statute § 609.02, subdivision 10. Assault-Fear is a specific-intent crime, meaning, [...]

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Shootout Between Rivals In Minneapolis

Shootout Between Rivals In Minneapolis Leaves 1 Dead and 1 Injured According to authorities, shortly after Midnight on the morning of Monday, July 27, 2015 people in two vehicles were engaged in a dispute. Moments later, the two vehicles pulled over near the intersection of 34th and Morgan Avenues North. Occupants of both vehicles got out and started shooting at each other. By the time Police arrived, the vehicles were gone, and one man was found dead near the intersection. The other man, injured in the shootout, was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to survive. Assault [...]

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